Eintrag hinzufügen

  Bunny (BhofMGzZ2, XUD1fslKca)
   02/07/2016 um 13:51
And to think I was going to talk to sooemne in person about this.
  Adiana (QzfB6uoj, aeEGsy9g)
   30/06/2016 um 23:57
in the Tribune article Brett quoted higher up in the thread), you’re just dead exhausted. Guys on the other teams, sure, they gotta weather a single flip day-night or night-day, and being on the road and all that, but then they go home or continue on the road and it’s back to a more consistent night game sequence. They have time to recover. Not so for the Cubs.That said, is it really true that only Wrigley has a significant number of day games? Anybody know where to get data on that? I’m cui&0usr#823o;
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